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Cost estimating

It involves predicting and calculating the expenses associated with a project, from its initial planning stages to its completion.

Project controls

The goal of project controls is to monitor, measure, and manage various aspects of a project to keep it on track and minimize risks.

Total Turnaround Management

We analyze company structure and processes for improvement, including cost reduction and optimization.

Reliable Cost Estimating Data

Iderfs a reliable and widely used source of industry-standard cost data that assists in delivering accurate cost estimates. It is a comprehensive collection of information and benchmarks that provides valuable insights into the costs associated with various construction and engineering projects.

Miaora provides professional cost estimating services that form the foundation of a successful project. By employing best practices that have proven effective, Miaora delivers accurate and reliable cost estimates.

With a wealth of experience from performing over 1,000 estimates worldwide, Miaora team of cost engineers understands the key factors necessary to create a robust cost estimate. They bring their expertise and industry knowledge to each project, ensuring that clients receive an estimate that is both comprehensive and trustworthy.

Cost estimating is a critical step in project planning and decision-making. It involves a thorough analysis of all relevant project components, such as materials, labor, equipment, and indirect costs. Miaora cost engineers utilize their extensive experience and access to industry data to determine realistic cost projections.

Miaora understands that while a good cost estimate is essential, effective cost control is equally crucial for project success. With over twenty years of experience in cost control during project execution, Miaora has the expertise to manage all the aspects that can impact project outcomes.Miaora project controls services encompass a comprehensive approach to cost management. They employ proven methodologies and techniques to monitor and regulate project costs, ensuring they stay within the defined budget and timeline.
Having reliable cost estimating data is crucial for accurate cost estimates in the process industry. Cost Engineering’s Cost Engineering Standard Knowledgebase (CESK) provides a comprehensive and well-structured dataset that is utilized by companies worldwide.The CESK offers a vast array of up-to-date information that is essential for cost estimators. It includes labor norms and cost data that are considered industry standards, covering various disciplines and industries. This extensive dataset enables cost estimators to access reliable and relevant information, saving time and ensuring the accuracy of their estimates.

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Whether you are embarking on a large-scale project or seeking to optimize your ongoing operations, we are here to support you every step of the way.
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Total Cost Management Software

Miaora offers an innovative management and control solution specifically designed for Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages (STOs).Throughout the entire STO process, from the initial tendering phase to the execution and cost control stages, Miaora brings the necessary expertise to effectively manage these complex and time-sensitive projects.
During the tendering process, Miaora assists clients in selecting the best contractors by evaluating their proposals and conducting a thorough cost analysis. Their expertise in cost estimation and evaluation ensures that clients make informed decisions, selecting contractors who can deliver the desired results within the defined budget.
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Whether you are embarking on a large-scale project or seeking to optimize your ongoing operations, we are here to support you every step of the way.